The unusual Hoggar


7 Days / 6 Nights

Day 1:

Arrival at Tamanrasset, welcome and transfer to the accommodation place, lunch. Departure to the Assekrem, settlemnt in half-pension formula in the shelter for the sunset.

Day 2:

Sunrise, nice view. Breakfast and continuation of the circuitry.

Day 3:

Idles/Tazrouk (80 km) : Another touareg village, the highest one in Algeria. Visit of the green gardens. Bivouac.

Day 4:

Tazrouk/Tangrest: Short step in a decoration of greenery and a magical landscape. Picnic, free afternoon, trip on foot, bivouac.

Day 5:

Breakfast after a sleeping in late, continuation to Tamkrest (100 km), picnic in Oued Telenou with the presence of touareg. Bivouac at Tamekrest or visit of the waterfalls.

Day 6:

Return to Tamanrasset in the forenoon, settlement in full-pension formula. On the afternoon, visit of the city and museums, shopping.

Day 7:

Transfer to the airport.