80 years ago, at the court of the Calif Abd Errahman, in Cordoba, lived Zyriab, an admired musician who came from Mesopotamia. Native from Baghdad, pupil of Ishaq el Mawali. Better than his master, he was constrained to leave Baghdad to Cordoba, in 822. He has, according to some ones, defined the codes of the art, of the music and poetry. As an esthetic of the daily life. With his arabo-andalousian noubas, particularly, he left to the Maghreb a precious heritage, which a print of a path which is, over the travel, an esthetical quest. Algeria is, certainly, the country where this heritage is one of the most important. Generations of artists, despite the trials and tribulations of the history, have maintained 16 noubas and the tradition of three high schools of music, the tradition of Cordoba, the one of Seville and the one of Granada; many calls to the nostalgia and beauty.

For trips that attempt to respect the esthetical rules of Zyriab that our agency invites you. Our programs are oriented towards halts in the Andalouses of Algeria which lead to emotions that would have met an echo in Zyriab. The Touat Gourara, the M’zab, the Hoggar and Tassili, the Roman cities, the Sahel of Fromentin, the world of Saint Augustin… Many destinations that we suggest to let you know and that will, certainly, let you dream.